The architecture of downtown Orange is a tribute to the vibrant history of the town. Downtown Orange East Main Street and North-South Main Streets were the center of the commercial activities. Between 1870 and 1915, the population of Orange grew by 157 percent to more than 5,300 people due to the expansion of industry. This included the expansion of the New Home Sewing Machine, Rodney Hunt (founded 1873), and Chase Turbine companies. During the late 1880s, Orange also attracted new industries including a modern box factory, a shoe factory (1887), the Leavitt Machine Company (1890), Whitman Grocery Company (1894) which made Tapioca, and two tool plants, (1903 and 1908).

The Grout Automobile Company, reputed to be the first automobile plant in America, was established in 1899 and produced one car a day. This early steam-powered machine was road tested on inclines like Walnut Hill and upper Mechanic Street, and reached speeds of 30 miles per hour.

Roughly N and S Main Street from Prospect Street to River Street
Orange, MA 01364