One of the Grout Automobiles that are housed at the Orange Historical Society. Grout Brothers was a manufacturer of steam-powered automobiles in Orange, Massachusetts. The three brothers, Carl, Fred and C.B. were set up in business by their father William H. Grout who had made sewing machines under the New Home name in partnership with Thomas H. White. The early cars were sold under the New Home name.  The Grout name debut on autos in 1899.

The Grout assembly plant in Orange, MA was still standing in 2009 and was also home to Minute Tapioca Company and since 1977, has been the corporate offices of Pete’s Tire Barns, Inc. The initial structure is still intact with additions on the sides of the back of the building. Over the years, Pete’s Tire Barns has uncovered artifacts from the manufacturing facility including wheels, tires, etc.

The Orange Historical Society Museum currently houses two Grout Automobiles.