Rocky Mountain is rich with some the Town’s most unique natural areas, including the forested ridge that separates Greenfield from the Connecticut River. This ridge, or Rocky Mountain as it is called, is also the site of the Poet’s Seat Tower, an important local landmark reconstructed as a stone tower in 1912 serves as an observation point affording scenic vistas over the Town of Greenfield to the west and the Connecticut Valley and Montague to the east.  The park consists of 3 trails which are extensions of a local and regional trail networks. The local trails connect a few of the existing parks including Abercrombie Field, Highland Park and Temple Woods designated by red, blue and yellow trail markers. The regional trail, The Pocumtuck, connects Greenfield to the Sugarloaf Mountains in South Deerfield and links with the Blue Trail in the Rocky Mountain Park creating a regional link to the south.

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