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Mount Toby

At more than 1,200 feet in height, Mount Toby is a prominent part of the landscape with outstanding panoramic views of the farmland of the Connecticut River Valley from its peak. The trek to the top is a moderate six mile hike, and there are shorter hikes on the trail within the reservation. From a spur trail, there is a cabin ruin known as the Paddy Farms, an Irish settlement site that dates to 1840-1850. Related geologically to Mount Sugarloaf, Mount Toby features cliffs, caves, waterfalls, wetlands and open fields. The Department of Natural Resources Conservation at UMass-Amherst has responsibility for managing the 755-acre Mt. Toby Demonstration forest for teaching, research and demonstration.  Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation operates the fire tower at the summit. Mount Toby is part of the Connecticut River Greenway State Park.

One of the best views of Mount Toby from the byway is at the Deerfield-Sunderland Bridge over the Connecticut River on Route 116.

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