The 2,308 acre Chester-Blandford State Forest was created by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. It contains two of the region’s most scenic falls: Sanderson Brook Falls that drops from woodland more than two hundred feet to a deep pool and becomes a crystal clear stream, and Goldmine Brook Falls that takes its name from hopeful miners but rewards hikers with its great natural beauty.

The H. Newman Marsh Trail that provides spectacular 1,200 foot high summit views across the Wild and Scenic Westfield River valley that dazzles with autumn color, winter snows, the brilliant greens of spring and the view of soaring raptors and vultures over the deep green of summer. The Boulder Park Trail takes visitors on a winding, easy-graded trail past scenic rock drifts that were dropped by glaciers 15,000 to 18,000 years ago. These boulders that dwarf visitors and are known as “erratics”, provide scenic views of the remnants of geological action.

Route 20
Chester, MA 01011
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413-269-6002 (winter)

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